chrome dome

sometimes an order comes in, and you know it’s gearing up to be a BIG PROJECT. this was one of those orders. this bike is a tribute to some of the great randonneuring bikes of yore and features a “greatest hits” of several decades worth of parts- mafac canti brakes, ta cranks, huret drivetrain with simplex shifters, zefal pump, ideal saddle (with aluminum rails!). luckily i didn’t have to source any of these (thanks tom!). BUT, there are also a load of firsts on the frame- bi-lam joints on the head tube; internal wiring in the fork and through the frame to the rear light; 1” threadless stem; singer style rear canti brake cable routing. the customer tom got in on the BIG PROJECT action and had his machinist Dario fabricate the canti yolk pulleys and binder bolts. and that chrome! it is not easy to chrome a bike these days, i can tell you. but it all came together quite well in the end. although if this was eighty years ago, i would have fabricated all of the parts myself. and the fenders. and the racks. but we live in a modern world, and this is as close to a constructeur as i want to get.

check out the full shoot on the royal h flickr. excellent shots by eric baumann.

POSTED Jun 20 2014 @ 18:12
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